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Mammoth 5e Adventures Overview & Roadmap

Mammoth 5e Adventures Overview & Roadmap

What We Make:

We write 1 standalone adventure per month, and about every 8 months or so we bundle them up together into our books, some with a clear through line as a campaign some without.

Every adventure within each of these books can always be played as a self-contained story, and we work hard to make it that way.
This is one of the things that we believe makes our content unique; it means you can use these adventures as both a library of themes or as an epic long-form campaign.

All Adventures include FoundryVTT conversions, and separate digital VTT assets.
We playtest all our adventures personally and on our discord server, if you like d&d please reach out to Lukas and join us!

Discord: turtle_stew.lukas



Campaign Overviews:



BOOK 1, LVL 4-11

Stand-alone, sequential adventures (Not a campaign)

Setting: EORA


Campaign Summary: 

Set in the world of Eora during the Age of Monsters, These adventures have no overarching story-line. Set in a general “kitchen sink” high fantasy setting that is very adaptable and can be used in most d&d games.


THE HOARD OF GHAUNDAL - "Get Rich or Die Trying"

BOOK 2, LVL 3-10

Epic Campaign OR Stand-alone, sequential adventures

Setting: EORA

Treasure hunt, exploration, Sentient Plague

Campaign Summary: 
The campaign is set in the world of Eora 1,000 years before Mammoth Chronicles, and sees the characters embark on an epic adventure to discover the lost hoard of an ancient dragon. Along the way they are drawn into a vengeful plot that threatens to unleash an undead menace from the times of myth.



BOOK 3, LVL 5-11

Epic Campaign OR Stand-alone, sequential adventures

Setting: Aerad

Subterranean, Dark Fantasy, Ambiguous Gods, PC are Convicted Criminals mostly.

Campaign Summary: 
The campaign is set in the world of Aerad, an original fantasy setting with a slightly darker, more distinct tone. It takes place entirely in an immense subterranean ruin full of ancient horrors. The characters find themselves infected with an eldritch sickness and must brave the depths in search of a long lost cure.


Upcoming Campaigns:

The Immortal Flame

BOOK 4, LVL 3-10

Epic Campaign OR Stand-alone, sequential adventures

Setting: EORA

Behind Enemy Lines, Clash of Empires, Fate of the world in your hands.

Campaign Summary: "From across the seas, the Drakkari Ascendancy comes to burn away the older order and bring about a new age. They have launched their assault upon the ancient, mountainous land of Low Eora, a realm scarred by the remnants of a calamitous arcane war, and held in the iron grip of the Raxian Empire."


‘Star of Winter’ 

BOOK 5, LVL 1-10

Epic Campaign OR Stand-alone, sequential adventures

Setting: WIP 

Campaign Summary: WIP


Individual Adventure Summaries (Old to New)


🟣  'Mammoth Chronicles: Vol.1-8' (“Book 1”)

Surrounded and trapped, your only hope is to outlast the howling horrors of the night…

(werewolves - trapped - tavern - revenge - dark forest)

Destroy an infernal fortress in the depths of the under-dark…

(infernal blacksmiths - under-dark - lava - automatons - infiltration)

A plane-hopping race against time, with eldritch terrors close behind…

(plane-hopping - eldritch plane-shifters, celestials)

Infiltrate deep behind enemy lines and defy the power of the dragon empire…
(behind enemy lines - radiant dragonborn - dragon empire)

Nature and civilization stand upon the brink of war…
(forest fights back - ancient spirits - rival party - poisonous spores)

Hidden amidst the treacherous sea of sand is the secret to life itself…

(worm riders - desert elves - life-giving eggs - sand tsunamis - survival)

To challenge the trials of time is to face certain death… over and over…
(dungeon crawl - time loop - beholder - die to survive - trial of champions)

Uncover the bloodcurdling eldritch mysteries of the misted isles…

(underwater vampires - aboleth - misted isles - celestial twins - mystery)

🟣 The Hoard of Ghaundal' (“Book 2”)

Goblins here, goblins there, goblins everywhere!

(goblinoids - marshes - low level - riverlands - ritual - local deity)

Descend into the halls of decay…

(ratfolk - sewers - undercity - dark ritual - rescue)

Battle the orcs of the Shatterpeaks…

(orcs - ogres - mountains - stone titan - petrification)

Navigate the uncharted lands of the mysterious cat kingdoms…

(catfolk - savannah - rakshasa - factions)

An ancient oath is broken and the hunt is on…
(elves - fey - woodland - vengeance)

Navigate the chaos of the astral sea…

(lost in space - space travel & combat - mind-flayers)

Unearth the legendary hoard of the Saurian Isles…

(island - lizardfolk - anti-magic mushrooms - underground - dragonlord)

Defend the city of Myrillium against an endless undead horde…
(undead - siege - city - zombie dragon - infection - mass combat)

🟣 Dark Descent' (“Book 3”)

Left for dead in a lightless realm of unseen horrors…

(underground - darkness - blind monsters - horror)

Rescue the citizens of Underdelve from the savage beastkin and their monstrous rituals…

(beastmen - mines - demon - blood magic)

Trapped amid the ruins of their fallen empire, the dead burn with hate for the living…

(fiery undead - ancient temple - dungeon crawl - treasure hunting)

  • Coils of Dread (Lvl 8) - 

Uncover a sinister serpentine sssssecret… (WIP)

(snakefolk - body snatchers - mystery - subterfuge)

  • Court of the Sunless King (Lvl 9)

Deep beneath the earth, a banished elvish court seeks to regain the gift of eternal life… at any cost.

(dark elves - dragon - factions - infection - eternal life)

  • Disciples of Darkness (Lvl 10) 

Infiltrate the dread domain of the Witch-Queen… 

(witches - cultists - fortress - infiltration)

  • Deephold: A Delver’s Companion (Lvl 5-10) 

A general setting guide that will include a breakdown of the main city, full of interesting unique mechanics, NPCs, mechanics and side quests.

(setting guide - underground - city - NPCs - mechanics)

    Other Adventures / 1 shots (Not part of a book, shorter adventures)


    That is all folks!


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