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Feast of the Damned: A devilish detective 5e adventure

Feast of the Damned: A devilish detective 5e adventure

At Mammoth Factory Games, we're thrilled to present "Feast of the Damned," an epic Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure that will captivate your players with its intricate lore and compelling story. Designed for a party of four to five level 6 characters, this standalone adventure spans three to five sessions and plunges your heroes into the heart of a conflict between two warring demon cults in the starving town of Maissen.


Clashing Demonic Ideologies

Maissen, once a prosperous town known for its fertile lands and thriving grain trade, now lies in the grip of famine and drought. As desperation mounts, two powerful infernal cults rise to claim the souls of Maissen's inhabitants, each driven by contrasting ideologies and sinister goals.

The Cult of Stone has infiltrated the local church of Valkarr, preaching a philosophy of stability and permanence. They convert followers into Stonecursed Gargoyles, beings of living stone that no longer need sustenance. These cultists, led by the enigmatic Molten Sculptor, value inflexibility and the eternal nature of stone, resisting any change that threatens their control.

In stark contrast, The Cult of Plenty is an ancient, devil-worshiping sect that promises abundance and adaptability. This cult transforms its adherents into Scrapling Imps, creatures capable of consuming anything. Embracing the chaos and fluidity of nature, the Cult of Plenty is led by the grotesque Herald of Plenty, a devil who thrives on the desperation and hunger of its followers.

A Call for Help

Your party's journey begins with a mysterious, garbled telepathic message from an unknown sender:

“Bishop, I need help. Maissen is worse than feared. Devils sacked my office. Don’t trust the church. Don’t eat meat. Bring rations. Codeword is ‘Noir’.”

This chilling plea sets the stage for an adventure filled with investigation, combat, and moral dilemmas. Whether your characters are tracking down devils, responding to the pleas of individual townspeople, or seeking to uncover the truth behind a suspicious new religion, the town of Maissen offers a plethora of opportunities for heroism.


Investigating the Demon Cults

  • The Ransacked Office: The adventure kicks off with the investigation of Leguin’s office, where the party uncovers clues that lead them deeper into the town's dark secrets.
  • The Last Cavalier: This local tavern, run by the formidable Jace Longfellow, serves as a safe haven and a source of valuable information. Here, the party may encounter Leguin, disguised as an elderly woman, who has been investigating the church for corruption.
  • The Farmer's Market and Town Square: Interacting with locals and urchins in these areas can provide critical insights and lead the party to key NPCs like Father Amos, an angel of Valkarr in disguise.
  • The Silent Church: This imposing stone structure is home to Mother Methis, secretly the Molten Sculptor, who has been converting townsfolk into gargoyles. The church holds many secrets and is a central location for the unfolding drama.


The Battle Inside the Belly of the Beast

One of the most unique and thrilling encounters in "Feast of the Damned" is the confrontation with The Herald of Plenty. This grotesque archdevil resides within a giant, fleshy tent outside of town that serves as its lair—a living stomach that magically seals itself, trapping those who enter.

The Herald of Plenty is a creature of insatiable hunger, preying upon the desperate and needy. The battle against this devil is not just a test of strength but also of strategy and endurance. The Herald clings to the walls of its lair, using its immense size and regeneration abilities to dominate the battlefield.


Key mechanics of the fight include:

  • Regenerative Healing: The Herald of Plenty regains all missing hit points at the start of each round unless its tail, which anchors it to the wall, is destroyed.
  • Teleportation: The Herald can teleport to any location within its lair at the beginning of each round, making it a constantly shifting threat.
  • Word of Change: The Herald can evoke a profane word of power forcing players to resist its influence or undergo a demonic transformation that lasts until the Herald is banished from the material plane.


Conclusion: Restoring Balance

The adventure reaches its climax with epic battles against the leaders of the infernal cults. The party must destroy both the Molten Sculptor and the Herald of Plenty to lift the curse on Maissen. With the cults defeated, the town can begin to heal and once rain returns to the parched land a large celebration will be held honoring the heroic adventures that saved the town from certain doom.

"Feast of the Damned" is a riveting adventure that challenges players with its intricate plot and moral quandaries. Perfect for experienced Dungeon Masters and players seeking a deep, story-driven campaign, this adventure will leave a lasting impression.

Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey? Visit Mammoth Factory Games to get your copy of "Feast of the Damned" today and bring the epic saga of Maissen to your gaming table!


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